Do You Play the TOP 9 Best Puzzle Games?

Love cool puzzle games? All of your favorite puzzle games are now free online and mobile strategy games on Play Puzzle Games for all ages including Tower of Blocks and 11+ game, Visit today!

11 plus
11+, is a fun, addictive and digital added game. It is easy to play for everyone, but difficult to make genius crazy. As for how to gain the highest score on 11+, our suggestion is that it only depends on your thinking about the future moves. To know about the rules and moto of the game read below about 11+ game, you can download 11+ games and accumulate some your own tips!

Candy Crush Saga
Fiendishly addictive and fast-paced gameplay makes this candy-themed world difficult to leave until you have conquered every level or run out of lives, whereupon you can take a break or pay to play on.

Words with Friends
Try social gaming Scrabble-style, as you compete against friends or strangers to create the best words from your available letters. This cross platform game is easy to get into and works well accompanied by chat.

Clash of Clans
Build up your settlement, plan your defenses, raise an army, and guide your tribe to victory against nasty goblins or other clan leaders, it’s a good combination of slow planning and quick chaotic battles.

Boom 4
Practice a lot will make better, it is even impossible to get to level 20 and the later levels at the first time. So we need to practice with the game for many times. This will provide you more chance to get higher score and reach new stage.

Angry Birds Stella POP!
The prettiest birds of ’em all have flown away from their usual pig smashing activities. Angry Birds Stella POP! Brings Stella and her fellow birdies into a fun mobile bubble shooter puzzler. Like a lot of games of this ilk, you’ll aim for huge bubble matching combos, utilize your character’s special abilities to pull off some huge score streaks and bring down those pigs from their positioning.

Warhammer: Snotling Fling
You’ll venture into a grand empire with your army of disgusting goblins in tow. Warhammer: Snotling Fling gives those green monsters the title of “Snotlings,” who are prepared to aid your war efforts.

Blockwick 2
Blockwick 2 tasks you with unscrambling a series of colorful blocks shapes, attempting to match up everything of the same color. Connecting them will be harder than it looks, but with 160 levels of puzzling, colorful, madness you’ll begin to pick things up and learn the ropes.
Make sure you check out these five puzzlers and get up to speed on these titles that challenge your logical reasoning.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley is more than just a puzzle game. It’s a complete audio/visual treat for the senses that challenges your brain to solve a series of puzzles, which helps you navigate the silent princess through a dream-like world of wonder and stunning architecture. The music and sounds react to your interactions with the screen, making things more immersive and really plunging you head first into the game.


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Game of War: One of The Best Mobile Strategy Games in 2014

We have mentioned that in Game of War: Fire Age, resources are everything. Without an abundant quantity resource, you can train your troops or become a valuable member of your alliances. How to get more resources? Here, Game of War Fire Age cheats will offer you some great tips. We share with you more strategy guides about mobile strategy games.

Besides, super star Kate Upton’s busty figure takes center stage for the latest ad for the model’s first video game appearance, “Game of War: Fire Age.” Meanwhile, a certain redheaded celebrity cops to perming her hair for an Annie-like look during her childhood. For more videos or mobile strategy games, click our website please!

The Game of War commercial has appeared most during college football games and ESPN’s news show SportsCenter, but Machine Zone has spent the most to get the commercial on during NFL games. Of the $ 4.5 million spent so far, $ 2 million of that is just for ads during pro football. Another $ 500,000 is for college football.

Generally speaking, Kate Upton TV ad for Game of War targets manly man shows for men. But the advertising is fine and I personally love that.

So, as a strategy game, I will introduce my strategy or cheats for you below:

If you’re playing on a budget or only logging in during your commutes, then you won’t have access to VIP status benefits very quickly, so ensure that you’re not wasting your time. You’ll want to be earning as many resources and ticking off as many Quests as possible, so start juggling wait timers.

Though you won’t be able to go on Alliance Quests yet, you will have access to Daily Quests, and these can be a great way to get resources. They’re really easy: just tap the Start button next to the Quest you want to go on, and a timer will count down.

You should also be engaging in research at your Academy at the same time as questing. Just tap a skill, tap research, and meet the criteria to begin the upgrade. You can also train more troops, heal your wounded at the Hospital, and so on. Any way you can improve your base and bring in more resources in multiple ways at the same time is a great benefit.

You will get a free item that allows you to teleport wherever you want to before your Stronghold reaches level 5. It would be a great idea to move together with your alliance members – the proximity offers a ton of advantages and is the first thing needed to build a solid alliance (and keep you safe with their help).

I strongly suggest that you build 10 level 1 farm, logging camp, quarry and mine. For example, build 10 farms and then demolish them. Do the same thing for the rest. 10 of each! Doing so would allow you to complete an Empire Quest. Obviously you can do this later in the game but it will be difficult. Also, I will give you a link for this thanks for watching!


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Madden NFL Mobile Best and Toughest Players

It’s February and we are going to create tips and strategies for some new mobile video games, and maybe it’s the last time we talk about the madden nfl mobile game, but don’t worry, you can still get this free mobile game download under the sports game column on our site!

This time, we are teaching you guys how to build a team with fiercest attackers and toughest defenders! And there are some excellent players we recommend!

Okaland Raiders C.J Wilson Here’s a beastly run-stopping QB from Raider’s team. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a run-stopping RE, I definitely recommend the gold C.J. Wilson.

Wilson is tied for the second-highest Strength rating at his position (93). He also has 93 Tackle, which allows him to easily take down RBs when coming off a block.

Combine that with a solid combo of 87 Power Moves and 88 Block Shedding and you get yourself a very reliable run-stopper.

Minnesota Vikings Philip Loadholt, Like its team’s name Vikings. This guy is completely a viking war ship, and a fearsome defensive tackle. Most Feared Loadholt is ridiculous. With 97 Strength and 98 Run Block, he is great for a run-heavy scheme. As they said.

He’s no slouch on passes either, with 91 Pass Block. Pass rushers will have a tough time getting around this big body at 6’8.

New York Jets Deeth Milliner

Here’s a Gold QB from this offensive team: Milliner shines with his instincts to play the man and the ball. While he has only 60 Catch, he has incredible ball-hawking abilities.

Players mainly used him in zone coverage, and he did not allow any balls to get behind him. He’s tough in run support and if he touches the ball, it’s almost a sure thing that he will hold on to it.

St.Louis Rams Tre Mason
Same name of a tough killer in call of duty 9, and you can see how hard is this guy! But he is also cheaper to bid, quick Halfback Sleeper from tygerfan17: If you need a cheap, quick running back that runs hard, cuts on a dime, and rarely fumbles, then theUltimate Feast Tre Mason is where you should look.
“His Speed is comparatively low at 90, but his 92 Agility and 94 Acceleration allows him to run by everyone. He’s tough to bring down with his 87 Elusiveness and 84 Trucking.”
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David
Now we have a budget Elite Linebacker from cleverly-named Muthead user, WINNER: “Lavonte David from the Bucs is one of the best coverage LBs and costs half as much as players like Aldon Smith or Captain Vontaze Burfict. He features 98 Tackle, 96 Play Recognition, and 88 Zone Coverage.”
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vincent Jackson
Fast and long range ball throwing, this man is like the sniper Jackson in saving private ryan, “Everyone hates when their receivers drop passes. but Jackson catches everything thrown his way.
At 6’5 with 87 Speed, 95 Release, and 93 Catch In Traffic, the man is a monster. Even if Jackson can’t get open with his spectacular Release, he still makes tough catches thanks to his great Catch In Traffic rating.

Thanks for supporting us, may you have a good time during February! For more mobile strategy games, please visit our site!

Darius, who work in a game company, which is a professional game maker and editor, click Top free mobile games to find more interesting games!

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Do You Know These Best iphone Games Strategy

A variety associated with activities require unique variations of has on. Discover type physical exercise people want to accomplish making plans for attempting to find a person’s apparatus. Does one want to sign up for interesting functions and also move strolling often? You’ll probably decide for you to search for low cost going for walks boots and shoes. Accomplish you wish to sign up to get fitness center accounts and also employ his or mobile video games her excess fat applications? You should think of having weight lifting equipment. Produce a list of the home you will need, and also discover people that you can not receive on save in your area.

However, you realize the particular search engine marketing hints however , you need to most of by yourself are not able to advertise your blog, seeing that it’s not only a a single man or women job and also need a finished group associated with qualified individuals and also must be accomplished soon after a unique period times. Hence, ahead of finalizing your play in relation to going a acquaintance in your challenge make sure you should collect every piece of information with that company it would likely enhance your blog utilizing exclusively the particular natural search engine marketing. Along with the thing associated with search mobile strategy game engine marketing charges, devoid of this you should incapable for you to estimate people revenue the way it will be the one of many necessary thing that each man or women thinks about 2 times ahead of outset in their do the job, in fact all of us take action to get our own bakery and also butter, exclusively.

Other rationale involving reputation of gadgets is day-to-day an innovative high-end technological innovation is usually contained in the cellular telephone, consequently the actual consumers unable to maintain command at their own cellphone costs producing the actual straightforward debarment out of cell phone marketing. Consequently, agreement best ios app reviews cellphone with GREAT BRITAIN wonderful respond to huge cellphone costs with connection when using the big providers with the region. It truly is long-term answer for that consumers of saving pointless costs around the companies involving cell phone marketing. Agreement smartphone with GREAT BRITAIN features obtained ideal procedures get rid of the item costs. It may curtail the actual assistance fees to some wonderful scope.#@*lid3@!4@$ 23vdylmh@#gyili

In a similar fashion, during this little bit of subject matter we’re speaking about something involving advertising and marketing a web site, which will quite a few computer professional termed while Website positioning. Website positioning may be a way of advertising and marketing a web site, weather condition this is the solution marketing as well as website as well as something furnishing company’s web site as well as best mobile strategy games a strong celebration job. WEBSITE POSITIONING helps bring ones subject matter around the Lookup Engin’s effect for certain keywords and phrases. For that reason, regarding undertaking the effort involving Website positioning you will find quantity of corporations that offer the ideas involving Website positioning, nevertheless, these kind of business conduct just. Not many corporations can non-organic WEBSITE POSITIONING for ones web site, too, nevertheless largely undertake the actual organic and natural along with bright head wear WEBSITE POSITIONING for you personally web site, because it is usually risk-free nevertheless produce slow-moving effect compared to non-organic along with Ebony head wear WEBSITE POSITIONING effect.

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