Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games Guides

Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games is one of mobile strategy games, which have attracted the attention of numerous app games lovers. Here, we would like to share with you some guides about how to play this game easier!

The dumbest of the dumb is the competition area, but before you go here, go to all of the other areas on the map. All of these are free to enter, and you can play as many times as you want. Practice until you become as close to perfect as possible at these stages, then go to the dumbest of the dumb.Once you are ready, you have to pay one ticket/token to go to the dumbest of the dumb competition. You can get more tokens by spinning the Wheel of Misfortune at the end of the round, then when the knife shoots out, it will either hit a prize on the wheel, or just hit your character in the head, causing you to earn nothing from it.

The safety bonus at the beginning is the best way to earn bonus points, which is important because the more points you earn, the more of a chance you have at getting a new character in Dumbest of the Dumb mode. In none of the other modes will it matter, although it’s also good to practice your speed at the bonus games, too. Use a different strategy for each different game. For the speed tapping games it’s very easy to cheat simply by using three or four fingers at a time. The swiping and tilting games are not quite so easy, though.

Every day, you can get two free tokens delivered straight to your game, so if you run out of tokens, there is still hope for playing the Dumbest of the Dumb again; don’t think that you have to delete the app or anything. You just have to be patient and wait for the tokens to come.

Another option if you want the free tokens right away is to set the date on your phone or your tablet ahead by exactly one day. You have to shut the game off altogether before you do this or else it won’t work. Once you shut the game off and set the time ahead, you can go to the game and open it right back up, and you will earn free tokens immediately. You can do this trick as often as you want for free tokens.

Go to any one of the stages and tap the stage, then after you complete the train safety bonus round, go to the title screen for the stage (Freezerville, Drown Town, Adrenaland, etc) and you’ll see the list of events. Scroll to the right by swiping, and you will be able to connect on Facebook and challenge your friends. Swipe again, and you can see a worldwide leaderboard, so you know the scores that you have to beat.

To practice all of the safety bonus stages in a row before you go to the Dumbest of the Dumb, tap on each of the three stages (four stages once Adrenaland opens) to ride the train over and go to the safety round. Tap on each of the stages in a row before you play the Dumbest of the Dumb, then go there and you’ll replay one of the three safety bonus rounds – and likely get a much higher score because all three are fresh in your memory.

After you do that you won’t be able to play them (the safety bonus stages) again immediately. You can change that by waiting a few minutes, or by shutting down the app and then reopening it and going to one of the levels to try it again. Do this as many times as you want for endless practice of the bonus levels.
There are hex editors available to mess with the scores in the app, but chances are that if you try to use it to mess with the score you’ll get banned. Mess with the speed of the game instead by searching for the speeds associated with the various games.

Each little minigame has its own specific set of instructions. Some have more than one way to do things, and if you do the alternate way, it makes it easier. Let’s go to Freezerville for a good example of that. When you go to the Avalanche Chalet minigame, it will tell you to swipe to close all of the windows. However, if you tap each of the windows and doors instead, then it will close them the same way, and it will take a much shorter time to do so.

When you get to the Dumb Dome, there are similar alternate techniques. For the Hammer Throw the game makes it look like you should swipe in a circle. However, if you swipe in a long oval (to match the size of the screen) you’ll be far more successful. Also, with the shoelace tie, you don’t have to swipe in an exact figure-8 pattern in order to tie the lace. As long as the dotted lines are covered, you can do it however you want.

With the lightning pole vault, when you start going faster, you have to tap earlier in order to stop the bar in the middle. Tap when it’s still slightly in the red but almost to the orange, and when it stops it will be in the orange. For the 3 Tonne Clean and Jerk, tilt the phone in small movements rather than large movements so you don’t accidentally set the weight toppling over.

Drown Town is a whole other batch of challenges. With the Dumb Life Saving, they will float in the direction of whatever side you put them on, so try to keep them all on the same side as they started at to make it easier. With the Piranha Freestyle, tap with as many fingers at the same time as you can possibly fit on the screen, because the game will read every single one of them.

The Killer Whale Dentistry challenge can seem nearly impossible at times; however, an easy way to do it, at least early on, is to swipe from side to side rather than tracing the outline of the whale’s teeth with your finger. The tracing will make it very difficult to get every spot on the teeth – not so much with using the actual “brushing” motion.

Dolphin Rodeo is passed in the same way as the 3 Tonne Clean and Jerk – use slow movements with your phone. In this one though, you will have to be extra careful because it can be hard to judge where your center is in this one.

Another thing that will affect your overall high score is the beginning safety bonuses. The bonuses compound upon each other as long as you keep completing the challenges. If you are on a winning streak with the safety bonus round, then the score that you earn will be compounded with the previous scores of the challenges that you have beaten in a row.

Watch out, though, because the challenge continues to get tougher and tougher as you add to your streak. You will have a shorter amount of time to complete them and you will have more to do. Figure out how far you can get and how many in a row you are capable of completing, and make a count of it, and use this to your advantage.

Then, go to the Dumb Dome, Freezerville and Drown Town and play them, and earn the bonuses until you get to your high point. Then go to the Dumbest of the Dumb, spend your ticket, and win the beginning safety bonus round. Then do the competition and get that extremely high score at the beginning of the level.. This will help to unlock any new character that you find it hard to get to, as well as increase your percentage on the global leaderboard.

Make sure to use all of your tokens each day. The reason for this is that if you have any tokens left over, that daily tokens bonus will not arrive, but if you have no tokens left over, then you will earn two tokens as a bonus the first time that you open the app that day.

Hope these tips are helpful for you!

A Mai Tai (was) my code co-pilot.
games mobile
Image by Schill
Somewhere 32,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean (during a 5.5-hour flight to Hawai’i), my laptop battery finally gave out while I was prototyping a browser-based tribute to an old Commodore 64 space-themed shoot-’em-up I used to enjoy.

(There was no in-flight wifi available, so boredom lead to clicking around idly, running the old VICE C64 emulator with some games, and an "ah-ha, I’ve been meaning to do this project at some point" moment.)

I didn’t have a pad of paper handy, so I carefully-unfolded the paper of a pack of gum and got to writing basic routines, object, method and property lists.

Back in the 80s, I used to write and edit code like this when on vacation, family road trips and the like, and then I’d enter it all on the computer when I got back home. Laptops have largely changed this these days, but I’ll admit it was fun to revert to old habits.

I have a sort-of working prototype now, and will eventually post some screenshots or something.

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Mini Squad
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Image by Marcusstratus
Lego robots made for Mobile Frame Zero.
Back before I had enough lego bits to make several frames at once. I made a large, complex frame and several smaller suits of power armor.

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