The history of the first Brick Mobile phone.

Cell phones have changed the planet in a way never thought possible. From doing all of your banking using your mobile, to watching movies and enjoying music. I seriously doubt anybody anticipated the development and rise in the cell phone market. The modern smartphone is capable of things that 40 years ago would have needed a room full of computers. Besides just operating as phone, your mobile can send texts, access the web, run business applications, play games as well as take high quality photos.

The first radio phones were created in the early Twentieth century. Reginald Fessenden, an American born in Canada, was a pioneer within this field. He was possibly the first person to ever successfully transit voice and music over radio waves. On the 23rd of December 1900, Fessenden managed to transmit speech over a 1600 yard distance, using a high frequency spark transmitter. The quality of sound was terrible, but the experiment showed that the concept of audio radio transmission was possible as well as perhaps commercially viable having a bit of further development. This invention of Fessenden revolutionised the communication utilized by the military in World War II. Fessenden was also notably accountable for groundbreaking research in the development of television and sonar.

Motorola was the first companies to make a working handheld mobile phone. In 1973 their prototype weighed in at a whopping 2.2 pounds! Following 10 years of development and a 100 million dollars in development costs, their Dynatac-8000x was the very first mobile phone available for sale to the public. The telephone was still extremely heavy weighing 2 pounds, and cost nearly 4000 dollars. The phone took ten hours to charge, after which the lucky user was left with a 30 minutes of talk time. There was incredibly still an enormous demand for the telephone, despite it possessing a hefty price tag and limited having a life of the battery. I think we can all be pretty thankful that both the size and price of phones have shrunk over the last two decades.

Within the last 20 years mobile phone users have grown to a staggering 5.6 billion. That which was first marketed being a product for only the rich and privileged has now become a regular used item around the world. Mobile phones are even used in some of the most underdeveloped countries in the world. Surveys have shown that between fifty and sixty percent of the global population use cell phones. Some even declare that there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes.

With the increase in the amount of phone users there are also several untouched markets that are emerging. There are huge advances being made in: Mobile Games; Mobile TV and Mobile Marketing. Considering there are far more Cell phone users than online users, the Cell phone Marketing Market remains largely untapped. There are various Mobile Marketing Software packages that could assist you to earn huge amounts of money. For more information on how to Make Money With Your Mobile Phone go to The secret for your financial freedom is just a click away.

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I Beat the Simpsons Arcade Game!
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Image by Dan_H
Today, 16 years after it’s release in 1991… July 21, 2007. The 3 of us made it through The Simpsons Arcade Game machine at Fuddruckers on in tokens.

more on the simpsons arcade game at wikipedia

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Habits of People in Downloading Mobile Phone Games

Just Google it! You can find plenty of java games that use the iPhone’s web browser, and many of these titles are suprisingly good quality. The main difference with the games like this is that there is really no download required. It’s just about connecting to the right internet site, and playing the games directly in your browser. Of course the main disadvantage here is that if you are outside of a provider’s coverage area, you won’t be playing anything! Check out for a great example.

This cell phone game, taking football as its subjects, was formally published in the party, jointly hosted by the brand of Diageo Smirnoff and Manchester United Football Club. The theme of the party is to congratulate Smirnoff Vodka on being sponsor of Manchester United Football Club within Asian and Pacific regions. Meanwhile, resistance of drunken driving is also another very important aspect of the theme of the party. In a way, popularizing the cell phone game is truly a quite vivid way to convey the sense of rational drinking.

However, the best deals in mobile phone usage come in the form of contract mobile phones. Mobile phone users in the UK would vouch for this fact. This is because all the leading network operators in that country devise the best deals as contract mobile phone deals and that too on the most “in-demand” models of mobile phone handsets. The line rentals are affordable, the tariff structures are cost-effective. Free gifts such as free monthly line rentals for a pre-specified period are part of many such offers.

Information product is hot and people don’t seem to have enough of it. Yet most information out there is recycled. You must not come up with ‘me too’ product but a unique and innovative idea or concept that is useful to people. If content is king, better make it useful to your prospects. Having an innovative idea does not mean that it must originate from you. A revolutionary idea could be the discovery of an easier and better way of doing an old thing. Always think about what the market ( the people) wants, and not what excites you.

The mistake most people make is that they design a product, fix the price and then go to the market (place) to promote the product. The reverse method takes the opposite route. It reverses the order of the marketing mix above. Start from the marketplace first and then come back to design or modify your product ideas. Ask yourself questions: Who are your target audience, what need or problems will your product solve? How do you find out? The Principle is Test–part of research or surveys; Track–trace who is buying and why; and Tweak–make adjustments and re-present your offers. Sale is simple if you give prospects what they already seeking for. Human behavior has not changed since the Garden of Eden regardless of technology or information explosion. Humans are need-driven. Period.

You only have to drive 20 yards down the road before you come across a teenager either talking on their mobile or texting and downloading information from another world onto their latest mobile gadget. There’s an app for this and there’s an app for that. You will struggle to find a teenager who will leave home without their mobile or cell phone, whatever you wish to call it, and you will struggle even further to find a teenager who does not own a mobile phone.Texting has become a frightening obsession for many young people and has seemingly become their primary means of communication with their friends and even family. They live in a world where everything has to be relayed instantly and without the need to raise a voice or look someone in the eye.

And now I’d like to talk about one more function of iPhones. That is the possibility to play games on it. There are two ways of how to get various games for your iPhone. The iPhone-users can use the inbuilt web browser (so play iPhone games only online). Or they have an opportunity to download games to the iPhone itself. Certainly, some people consider themselves as adults (self-sufficient and serious people who don’t play iPhone games!). But at least you can do something pleasant for your children. Indeed, they are fond of playing different games. But to tell you the truth, there are a lot of grown-up people who are eager to play iPhone games, too. They want to do it just in order to relax and have some fun.

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Epic win
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M-Games Guide! Rushing Attack - 89 Matt Forte! Madden Mobile 17

Hope this helps you become one of the lucky 15,000 tomorrow, I’ll be there right at 3:00 with the rest of you!

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Outro: Low Life Trap Remix (Apato remix)

Welcome guys! I mainly play Madden Mobile, as you can tell by the name. Don’t freak out though if I play different games, I like to play lots of different stuff. I really hope you enjoy, and I’m a super gooby dude so here is my cringe warning. Peace homies (:

Madden Mobile 17
Madden Mobile Pack Openings
Madden Mobile Gameplay
Madden Mobile Coin Guides

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Phone Poker Tips : Improve Your Odds Of Winning On Mobile Phone Poker

Poker has become quite the popular card game, from playing Texas Hold ‘Em with a group of friends, to watching the World Series of Poker on television. Naturally, it would seem, the game has found a comfortable home on the internet and by extension in the world of mobile phones. There are some tips for success you can use while playing mobile phone poker…

You will not have the luxury of studying your opponents’ faces for tells because they are not sitting in front of you while playing poker on a mobile phone. You will therefore have to study their betting inclinations instead. You may notice that someone likes to raise at quite a few flops. They are probably trying to sniff out others’ habits themselves while bluffing. Although this is an effective reconnaissance technique, it should not be employed overly often because the others will get wise to it and think you never have a good hand and rely on bluffing.

Seeking higher dollar mobile phone poker games will lead you to better players more often. The idea is to score chips and bucks, and it is sometimes easier to do so with experienced players. Low dollar games attract all types of players, and those new to the game might raise every single time it comes to them or fold instantly. This doesn’t help the pot and can get irritating very quickly. These players usually shy away from high stakes games because they lose their money right off the bat. Playing mobile phone poker with better players makes for a better game.

One thing to be aware of is that many mobile phones are still working out better methods by which to run their applications. Do some research online to find out which games are most compatible with cell phones. Lagging and crashing are not part of a successful poker engagement. If possible, play at a WiFi hotspot so that the battery will last longer. Many applications are notorious battery eaters, so not only find WiFi, but see if you can locate an electrical outlet just in case.

Mobile phone poker is gaining momentum all the time. Mobile phones are fast becoming one-stop entertainment centers, so you may as well engage in a little gambling while you’re on one. Using tips for success in mobile phone poker will make your session fun and profitable.

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games mobile
Image by BrockAtkinson
Test screenshot inside the windows phone 7 emulator. Shows some pretty trippy gravity manipulation. Only works two ways so far (up and down).

I am back with more mobile games! In this episode I play the epic MICRO MACHINES!!

Thx for all your support 🙂

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About Micro Machines

Take to the tracks in seven classic G.I. JOE combat vehicles. Dominate the desks in the H.I.S.S. Tank, try arena combat in the Cobra RAGE or take on toy town with all-conquering Rolling Thunder.

The legendary MICRO MACHINES gameplay returns in this all-new multiplayer combat racer from Codemasters!

Race across 17 fun-filled tracks including breakfast tables, desktops, pool tables and kitchen sinks in a vast array of tiny, but powerful, MICRO MACHINES.

Original creators, Codemasters, have lovingly updated the classic MICRO MACHINES gameplay for mobile devices. All the rivalry, excitement, humor and fun of the games that first appeared in the 1990’s is back!

Assemble your collection of all 70 vehicles from hot rods to muscle cars, fire trucks, police cars, sports cars, tanks, hovercraft and loads more.

For the FIRST TIME ever MICRO MACHINES features awesome battle arenas. Pick up real NERF blasters to take down the competition and rule the arena!

Enter one of the 3 event types and equip your vehicles with one of the 60+ upgrades from shields to flame throwers, axes and shrink rays.

Represent your country in solo and Facebook leaderboards or join your friends, work colleagues or team mates and take on the world together!

Join or create your very own MICRO MACHINES club, make your mark on world leaderboards and compete each week to win great prizes and unlock cool customisations.

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